Once I Was Young and Cool

Because I knew I would not have a lot of time today for original content, I am treating you to a poem I wrote several years ago at a writer’s workshop. It is about Jim Morrison.  I had recently re-watched Val Kilmer play him in a movie, and – I don’t know – it just came to me.

This poem and the picture below (my father’s favorite of me taken when I was 19) are my proof that once I really was young and a little bit cool. Happy weekend.


Ode to Jim Morrison

He was wind and fire

While the earth

Swirled azure around him

The Shaman dancing chanted

Words that soared as an eagle into the sky

While drifting from on high

Holy spirits descended upon him

To dance in his wildness

The jack rabbit listened

The coyotes cried

And all was consumed

Dad’s favorite picture 2



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