The Body Parts Trilogy

It has been a long day.  I have spent it almost entirely on housekeeping duties on the computer.  I am too tired and weary to write something new, as I wasn’t feeling that hot to start off with.  So, since healthcare is still in this week’s news, let’s think of our bodies – but in a slightly different context.  Here, another exercise from that writer’s workshop, as entitled above:

The Body Parts Trilogy


The arch of the naked foot

Makes a sensuous curve


The bare innocence of being


She lay

With her head encased by her arm

Atop the pure linen sheet

Her complexion

Shone in the all encompassing whiteness

Then, it drowned her

In its purity

Virgin once again


Why does the stubbing of a toe

Hurt equally as the breaking of the heart?

Separated parts of a self

Assaulted by pain…

Both throb

To have their existence noted

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