The rains fell down
And the wind howled:

All that was tropical and lush
Disappeared in the maelstrom.

People wandered dazed
Amid the Apocalyptic ruin
Of the lives they had built.

Once fully dimensional,
Now all is flat
Like their eyes, lost of all hope.

Shattered dreams lay
Amid broken glass,
Twisted metal, and memory’s shards.

Hunger and thirst
Twisted like knives
And they looked to the skies

For Manna.

Instead they received
Only harsh words about

Their economic debt,
And unspoken ones
About the color of their skin.

Then came some nonsense about
The size of the ocean
That could swallow them whole

If the dam breaks.

God looked down,
Judged us all harshly,
Then cried in pain:

I made you all
So much better than this.

His shoulders sagged
As He shook His head
And despaired of the creatures He made.

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