Dreaming of Ryan; Praying for PR

When House Speaker Paul Ryan starts invading your dream world, perhaps you have tweeted for his attention a little too much.

Yesterday’s were directed at him and anyone else I could think of to light a fire under Trump’s rump to use that Commander in Chief title he is so proud to have to send in military convoys, ships and planes to get food out of the ports and into the hands of the people of Puerto Rico.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto’s desperate pleas for help in her Friday press conference and her subsequent interviews with network and cable journalists broke my heart. I fear for what the death tally due to dehydration and starvation will be as stacks upon stacks of containers with lifesaving water, food and medicines stand in port in need of a delivery system.

I know the military is up to the task.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why a man so eager to nuke a country of 25 million – which would actually make him the villain – isn’t willing to use our full military might to aid Puerto Rico and become a hero instead.

I had hoped to find on my feed a story saying he had heard from the better angels and they had won the battle for his heart and mind for Puerto Rico. Instead, he is disparaging San Juan’s Mayor and accusing the Democrats of playing politics to make him look bad and of the “fake media” once again treating him poorly.

No. You are being treated poorly because you act poorly and without charity toward the suffering, Mr. President.

I have lost track of how long it has been since Maria hit. I just know there are people in the rural areas who – if they cannot find water in uncontaminated streams – are not going to be alive when Trump makes his grand fly-in on Tuesday.  Puerto Rico – I am so sad and so sorry you have been treated this way.

I honestly don’t blame FEMA. Three back to back major storms in a matter of weeks has left them stretched and overwhelmed, I am sure.  But I do blame them for not saying it.  I blame DHS for supporting the President’s delusions that all is well and good.  And I call on the corporations and wealthy making their charitable contributions to continue to do so and help find creative ways to get their donations delivered.

I have tweeted the Joint Chiefs, the Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, hoping those groups would apply pressure on Trump to let them get in there and help. I have tweeted Congress and Rubio and McCain in particular.

Which brings me back to Paul Ryan. Even though it has been much on my mind, Puerto Rico was not a part of my dream.  It was a crazy patchwork involving my family.  At the end, I wanted to purchase a block of buildings in which my father used to work, but couldn’t find the owner to ask.

As I was leaving in my car, Paul Ryan came running out to tell me that the names of the owners was a private matter and the information cannot be shared with me. I guess that was a metaphor for the all the things the GOP is doing legislatively behind closed doors that they don’t want the average citizen to see because they know it is not in our favor.

As I was driving away, Debra Messing popped up in the back seat of my car and said not to worry, she worked at the bank and would look in their records to get me the information I needed. (I had just watched “Will & Grace” – was she there because of that or because of her dogged opposition to Trump and the GOP?)

My dream ended there.

Unfortunately, the nightmare that Maria has brought to Puerto Rico is really just beginning. And we have a President who is asleep on duty, dreaming about his golf games and the proposed elimination of the estate tax that will leave his family billions richer – if he is indeed as rich as he claims to be.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico’s Mayor is “weak” to him and evidently its citizens too lazy to figure their own way out of a catastrophic event that has decimated the power grid and the ability of their society to function.

But hey, they are working hard to get that tax return down to the size of a postcard. Maybe in a sop to Puerto Rico they will issue the cards with a scenic picture of the islands beautiful by-gone days.

Because helping them seems to be out of the question.

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