“Down with Trump”

I have really struggled with what to write about today.

I didn’t want this to be more about Trump. Never has a politician so dominated my thoughts in such a negative fashion.  I hate that he has this emotional hold on me that inspires gloom and despair.  It is not the kind of leadership I am used to seeing in this country – even among Presidents that were less than stellar.

But Trump – Trump is exhausting, and infuriating and tiresome. I imagine all Presidents have larger than usual egos.  I think you would have to have an extra-large dose of self-esteem to imagine yourself in charge of a country as complex and diverse as ours.

But other Presidents have seemed to have also a sense of humility and duty about the office they hold – or at least they could fake it, if they didn’t actually feel it.

Not Trump. With Trump, it’s all about Trump and nothing but Trump, 24-7.  Frankly, I have had my fill.

So tonight I am taking the Down with Trump pledge: no longer will I let this man drag me down into the gutter with him. Because, my friends, that is exactly where he wants us to be-angry and fighting with one another in the mud because his is a dark and deeply cynical view of the world.  There is no good to Trump’s world, and people who do things without a monetary advantage to it are suckers to him.  Even when he’s losing, he’s got to make it look like a win because only suckers lose.

Which is why he can’t see that the value of San Juan’s mayor wading through the dirty waters of Puerto Rico’s streets to go door to door is more golden than any sheen he can apply to his made up world where he is king and all around him glitters.

The people surrounding him have been blinded by that glitter and somehow think they are serving the nation by standing by a man they admit will not follow their best advice and will always, in the end, act on his own lack of impulse control. Even if it means we all go up in a mushroom cloud together.

I won’t be held hostage to Trump any more – not to the outrageousness, the crassness, the brashness, the cravenness of what he says about the NFL, Kim Jong Un, the FAKE MEDIA (not), white supremacists – or even should he tweet about Hitler himself and call him a “very fine” man.

We (or at least I) have been letting Trump win the psychological war. I want to no longer give him the tactical advantage.  Maybe the answer is to stop talking about him altogether.  Ignoring him might actually be the best defense.

Please don’t think that to mean I will give up on keeping up with what is going on. No, not now, not now that I am “woke” again to the larger world.  I will still tweet my thoughts.  I will still exchange points of view.

I simply vow to never again directly respond to one outrageous thing Donald Trump has to say.

Perhaps if we go dark on him, he’ll lose his sense of bat sonar and become confused. Maybe if he is starved of the attention he craves, the outrageousness will subside.

Or maybe he’ll crank it up to ear shattering decibels. I don’t know.

I just know I thoroughly agree with what Lin Manuel Miranda tweeted earlier. I don’t want my life to be all about Donald J. Trump any more.  I want to write my poems and my books, say what I feel like saying in my blogs and see what comes of it all.  I want to worship what is truly worthy – my Lord Jesus – and love others because that – in the end- is where true gold is found and everything shines bright.

Because if we do go up in that mushroom cloud tomorrow or sometime soon after that, I want to be atomized knowing Trump in the end did not steal all my joy.

He is an emotional thief – and my emotions are no longer within his reach to grab.

They are too valuable to be wasted on the likes of Donald J. Trump.


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