The Sin of Silence

As horrible as the revelations this week of Harvey Weinstein’s treatment of women in the entertainment industry, there is a more insidious side to this story.

It is the story of the silence of those who facilitated and enabled this treatment of other human beings to go on for so long without giving it voice that is the most sinful part of it.

If addiction to power and sex are sicknesses, then yes, Harvey Weinstein is a very ill man indeed.  Sadly, he is not alone in this – many men at every level of society have violently abused and sexually disrespected women at some point in their lives.  It is really an all too common malady, not a unique one.  Harvey Weinstein was a “god” only in his own mind; his behavior is ordinary and commonplace.

The idea of a patriarchal society wherein somehow, as Adam being created in God’s image, men are “worth” more than women is pretty laughable when you really examine it.  That a woman should be “subservient” because she was taken from Adam’s side is silly, as some “very religious” people would have it. Adam himself called her “bone of my bone.”  In other words, woman is part of him, not less than him.  When a man disrespects a woman, it is himself he ultimately destroys.

And if Adam were so delightfully happy by himself in the Garden, why did God see it was not good for him to be alone in the first place?  The truth is Adam is completed by Eve; he is made more because of her presence.  Yet our modern-day Adams with their wounded psyches are all too happy to have us believe we are somehow “less than” in the grand scheme of things.

The sin of silence isn’t just happening in our bedrooms and our boardrooms.  It is also happening in the halls of our government.  We have as President a man totally unqualified by training, temperament and experience to hold the most powerful office in the land – some say on the planet.  Yet the leaders of his party will not acknowledge this basic fact.

Along with this conspiracy of silence among his own political party are the enablers – those who prop up his moods and his ego by cheapening themselves before the camera to assure the public that they aren’t doing exactly that.  The truth about what is going on screams at us.  Yet everyone pretends they cannot hear.  Just as some men pretend they did not hear the woman say “no” when he tries to cajole, encourage, eventually even overpower a woman against her will.

Meanwhile our President unthoughtfully Tweets his way through the world, destroying lives, hopes and dreams in the bargain.  He is throwing away alliances, agreements and assurances we as a nation have made.  No one should trust us.  I wouldn’t.

He is a hurricane force of his own-all eye of the storm and total destruction.

Yet we are all supposed to pretend this isn’t happening.  We are all supposed to play an enabling game that will destroy our souls, perhaps our nation.

I for one cannot be silent.  I didn’t start this blog to be intentionally political in what I had to say.  Truthfully it isn’t about my politics at all.

It is about what I see.  And seeing, I must speak.  Even while everyone else pretends there is nothing sickly addictive about the country we have become:  the abuser and the enablers, one and all.




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