The Blah Day

So today was – blah.

Just as I was getting ready to take my car in for its 10,000 mile oil change 3,000 miles late, my stomach let me know I was going nowhere that day – except between the couch and the bathroom. This was not what I had planned.

Planted later on the couch, I wanted to watch some classic TCM, but the choices were pretty much limited to various monster movies and a series of movies about a queen named Sissi that was subtitled.  Too much effort for a day like today.

I read news on Twitter, thoroughly enjoying an account about a note from Einstein on « The Theory of Happiness » that auctioned for more than $1 million, and a jaunty article on a jaunty Joe Biden in jaunty poses for pictures that went with an « In Style” story. There is something fascinating about a man so comfortable in his own skin – even at 78. Or maybe because he is 78 and still – jaunty.

I played Word games. Made Dr appts for all the things I need to get done before the start of the new plan year and realized I have no room to be sick  again for the next six weeks because I will be visiting – doctors.

I made my eye appointment to find out if my cataracts have grown over the last year & require surgery.  I talked briefly with my daughter-in-law about our plans for tomorrow & an upcoming party.  That reminded me to call Sears to get the carpet cleaned.

My Divine Mercy rosary had been prayed before my stomach issues but not in time to include prayers then for a friend’s mother who had passed. I thought of my own Mom’s death and not being there when she passed in 1982.

I thought of the four years my friend Vera lived with me and how that gave me a chance to spend the kind of time with someone who loved me unreservedly as I had always imagined I would one day have with the Mom who raised me. I realized I was blessed.

I told the cat a million times she could not have another spoonful of her nutritional supplement because she just had one. Didn’t matter. I might as well have talked to the wall. You would think I never fed her the $60 per bag prescription only cat food her 16-year-old kidneys require.

A couple of Ministry phone calls took care of some questions and needs to share info.

Clutching the heating pad to my stomach, I watched some news that repeated things I had already read. I finally took a pain pill for my head ache & the sciatica pain from yesterday’s work out with my trainer.

I watched a reality TV show on the New Jersey housewives, as series TV no longer holds weekly enchantment. I would rather wait until season end and binge watch. Netflix and Amazon Prime have spoiled me for episodic TV.

Several times I have thought of the bath I should take and washing my hair. Maybe tomorrow.

The cat is back. Time to give in, give her the spoonful of what must taste like sugar to her, take my meds and go to bed.

And hope for a tomorrow that is far less blah.

My 11:15 pm Update:  Okay, so I did take a bath, brushed my teeth, washed my face & slathered on Kiehl’s biologic peel all over my face.  I decided a gal’s got to maintain some standards on a « blah » day—especially if she ever wants to be thought of as « jaunty » when she one day turns 78.



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