“I Enjoy Being A Girl”*

As my friends well know, no one would ever mistake me for Martha Stewart.

It’s not that I reject domesticity; I love having a freshly cleaned house.  I just don’t like being the one to do it.

When I tell you I am a horrible cook, I am not exaggerating.  For example, I will never forget the evening I came home from work many years ago and told my then teenaged son I was going to prepare supper.  He reached into his wallet and handed me $5.00, saying he would prefer something from McDonald’s. And no, he was not having a Big Mac attack at the moment.

So I was ever so grateful to my wonderful prayer group friends when they insisted they prepare food for the party I invited them to attend at my house this afternoon.  Again, the fact that the guests would bring the food is telling.

Of course there was too much of it.  Unlike me, all my friends from prayer group are fantastic cooks.  As I was unwrapping the cellophane from the purchased veggie and fruit and cheese trays I was contributing to the buffet, I overheard them chatting excitedly about recipes and what was in each dish.  This is not a conversation I have had with any one of them.

The grand occasion was a “house” party for hand-made, artisan crafts and jewelry marketed by a Christian company called Trades of Hope.  This company works with women in under-developed nations and rural locations to turn their one of a kind made items into a catalog of offerings from places like India, Nepal, Haiti, Guatemala, Africa, Asia, etc.  Everything is individually made from locally sourced material and truly unique.  Some items even have a small metal disc attached to them that bears the artist’s thumbprint to stamp their work.

No one has to encourage me to shop.  I don’t know if it is a domestic talent or not, but if it is, then I am a grand master at it.  What can I say?  I love shiny things.  And clothes.  And shoes.  And perfume.  And-well, being a girl, as the old song goes.

So to shop and be charitable at one and the same time rings two bells for me.

I have attended two of these parties now, and both times I picked out gifts for others for Christmas.  Okay, today I did order a ring for myself.  But so far, that has been the only thing I ordered for me.  Everything else has been for somebody else.  Truly.

My “party” is open until next Friday, November 10th.  Anyone out there looking for a lovely Christmas gift that gives a little bit of economic hope to women who would otherwise have none, just copy and paste the address below in the URL and shop ‘til your mouse drops…Christmas is only 50 days away! Ho! Ho! Ho!



*”I Enjoy Being A Girl,” Rodgers and Hammerstein, Copyright 1958, from “Flower Drum Song”

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