When Cain Slew Abel

How can we be both one of the most democratically, technologically and economically advanced nations on the planet and at the same time be one of its most violent as compared to other societies with our advantages?

It is as though the evil of Cain’s heart has never progressed from the time he picked up the rock and slew Abel.  We are still that hate filled as a society.

We didn’t need another 26 dead people in Texas yesterday as proof of this.  We have had plenty of it this past year, including Las Vegas.

As yet I haven’t read the papers this morning to try to contextualize why this occurred, if authorities even know yet.  Last night I watched some of the breaking news of this story but after a relatively peaceful day, just didn’t want to dwell on more tragedy, so I turned it off.

But these situations involving semi-automatic rifles are becoming more and more prevalent and more and more deadly all the time.  They impact not just places like Las Vegas with its neon and glitter, but sleepy little churches in small Texas towns.  They touch us all, gun owners and non-gun owners alike.

I have yet to have anyone give me an answer as to why any citizen should be able to own a weapon capable of mowing down dozens of people in a matter of minutes, other than the bold assertion “it is my right.”

It is “my right” to say anything I please, yet I try to choose my words carefully because I know they have a power of their own.

These guns are meant to be killing machines and nothing more.  Just be honest and say so.  And then ask yourself why you just “have” to have one, if you are one of the people who do.

Again, I don’t live in fantasy land. The Second Amendment has been interpreted in such a way that everyone feels they are empowered by government to own a weapon.  So I know guns will not be going away from our civic life.

But why any reasonable person thinks they need more of them, that they need to be more powerful, have more of anything to them – well, that’s just falling for the same slick sales, gimmicky advertising of any consumer product, even if the NRA does wrap it all up in the flag and wave it proudly around.  No, the liberals are not trying to take away your guns, no matter what the NRA tells you.

But we who are moderate in view want moderate gun policies that offer some measure of control over who does and does not have access to weaponry that only the military or the police should own.  And in the case of the police, they wouldn’t need to own it if the citizenry were not so easily able to get their hands on it in the first place.

It is time for a conversion of hearts that examines deeply why we feel so threatened by life – or such a need to have power over others – that we allow such weapons to exist in regular society.  It is an existential threat.  Period.

Yes, someone can drive a truck into a crowd as an act of terror and it is just as deadly.  But cars exist for reasons other than as a killing machine.

Semi-automatic weapons and the attachments that make them fully automatic exist for no other reason than death.

And therein lies the difference.

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