Judgment: Close at Hand?

At a class this evening, we were studying the Catholic concept of the “last four things”: death, judgment, heaven and hell. Like being born, these are the inescapable aspects of our end that we all share in common.

As such topics are wont to do, the talk turned to whether or not we are living in end times.  My friend Anna is hoping so, because she wants to see the second coming of Christ and the establishment  of a “new heaven and earth,” the resurrection of the dead and glorification of the bodies of the elect.

I fear we could cause our own end. I do not recall ever in my life being truly worried about world conflagration the way I am today. It is no secret from my previous blogs that I find Trump a deeply flawed human being and dangerous as our President. Not just to our Constitutional protections, but to our very lives.

What President that cares about the fate of the citizenry would – at a Missouri tax rally – make mock of North Korea’s leader only a day after that dangerous country launches a rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead that can now reach the farthest shores of our nation?

And what Congress let’s him tweet – without censure – vile, inflammatory, bigoted  and unverified videos from a fascist source, incurring the wrath of our closest ally?

Our class discussion also talked about the Catholic belief that we all face two types of judgment, one “particular” (personal) for our own actions and another “general” for how we behaved in our group affiliations.

If we could by our own human errancy bring about our end, I would not want to be a member of the GOP House or Senate, or one of its leaders, nor a member of Trump’s Cabinet. Because all have the power to stop the insanity that takes place daily on a twitter feed originating in the Oval Office. And all, because of vested interests, refuse to act.

They will be judged – by history or by Christ.  One way or another, it is an end they will not escape.

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