Hey! Leo DM’D Me!

So I guess I need to stop blogging about my lovelorn past.

All it earned me was a DM on Twitter from someone with a private account pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yeah. Right. I have been down the scammer road before. Once I let “Leo” know this, he quickly stopped engaging and didn’t ask again if I thought I could make a personal difference in saving the environment.

Hey, if NASA can’t convince Donald Trump climate change is real and that we should rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, I am sure the $5 I can afford to contribute this month would really not offset the damage we do daily to lovely Mother Earth.

Seriously, though, who do these people trying to adopt the personas of celebrities think they are kidding?

Clearly he had been creative with the use of the name (lowercase “l” for the first name and “l” added to last). Also the person copied the look of DiCaprio’s account accurately-although this guy had about 11 followers while the genuine article has 18 million plus.

And I wasn’t one of them at the time the alleged Leo DM’d me. So that also made it a spurious remark that he uses his private account to interact with people who follow him individually.

I mean, maybe. But seriously, me?  While it’s true I buy my underwear ar Victoria’s Secret, I assure you it is not Angel Runway Ready Wear.  Besides, I don’t think I am Leo’s type. Not only am I way too short, I am way too old.

However, this person was using the same link to DiCaprio’s foundation that is on his verified account. So anyone out there who reads this who knows the real Leo, please let him know his humanitarian effforts are being used as a ruse.

I would notify Twitter, but they didn’t respond when the “German General” trying to “romance” me turned menacing when I called him out on his scam, alleging then he was really from the Taliban and would “send his boys to kill me” if I didn’t send him $5,000.

Maybe Leo will have better luck getting Twitter to respond to this one than I did the last.

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