The Deal that Might Kill DREAMers

Pardon me if I am skeptical about Mitch McConnell’s word with regard to DACA as the Democrats have agreed to terms to end the short government shutdown.

It is not McConnell’s words I distrust as much as I do his tactics.  Democrats need to remember this is the man who successfully denied Merrick Garland the Senate confirmation hearings to which he was entitled when President Barak Obama nominated him to the U.S. Supreme Court. He did it because McConnell knew if hearings were held, the GOP had no good reason to deny Garland the seat.

If McConnell can find a way to outmaneuver what he promised by February 8th, he will.  The GOP, as far as I can tell, does not traffic in good faith.

Donald Trump doesn’t traffic in common sense or logic.  He flips this way and flops that way because at core, he has no foundational principles or moral underpinnings.  He doesn’t want to own failure, so he refuses to lead.  That’s not what Presidents do.

For the life of me, I cannot understand those in the GOP that want to penalize 880,000 young people brought to this country before they were 18 years of age and old enough to make their own decisions.  They have been raised here.  They have been educated here.  They have grown up with the sons and daughters of the very people that would put them out of the country.  They played sports with them.  Attended Church with them.

Not only are many of them now university educated, they hold good jobs that are a benefit to this country and the companies that employee them.  To kick them out is to give away a “brain trust” that we have nurtured.

The fact that it is morally wrong isn’t an argument I can muster – even though it is – because morality in no way plays into the decision making process of the Trump Administration.

This is because while Trump himself may have an unclear agenda – other than he wants his Wall – there are those close to him who hold particularly odious ideology on immigration issues.  Stephen Miller, Tom Cotton and others are ruling Trump right now.  Because God knows the man is incapable of ruling his own impulses and controlling himself.

In a “Washington Post” article, Miller is quoted as saying he is just helping Trump follow what is at the bottom of his heart on immigration.  If that is the case, then Trump lied when he said he had sympathy for DREAMers.  It also means he lied when he said he was “the least racist person” one could meet.

How else can you explain deporting DREAMers when 90% of America wants them to stay?

It means that – like Stephen Miller – Donald Trump believes in White Superiority.

Given how he lately described African nations and the country of Haiti, perhaps Miller’s is the right assessment after all.

If that is true, then Democrats will have let DREAMers down, and I will be heart sore.  We will have to wait for February 8th to find out.

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