Lara Trump Called Me a Dummy

Am I missing something?

Lara Trump seems to think so.  According to her recent appearance on Fox News, despite my degree in journalism, six years covering such subjects as nuclear energy, big agriculture and education; despite my six years in public relations for what was then the nation’s largest utility, and all the years after working in other corporate environments; I am too stupid to know my own mind.

I guess I should just kiss off all those MBA and Master’s in Administration and Organizational Management classes I took, along with my MENSA card.

According to this Trump savant, I – who marched in the Women’s Movement this weekend in my heart because my body doesn’t let me – don’t know what I am doing or why I am in opposition to the Trump administration.

News flash:  I know every reason I object to what I consider an abominable threat to our Republic and democratic ideals.  I was a reliable GOP voter at the time Trump announced (You’re welcome, Mitt Romney.  Sorry Jeb.).

The minute Trump opened his mouth and declared a racist untruth I was a #NeverTrumper who moved firmly into Democratic territory when he won the nomination and the more often he opened his mouth and said something ghastly, garish and sometimes ghoulish.

It was a quick transition for me.

I like to believe I was a “compassionate” Republican.  I hate war, want to help those who need it and have a secure, stable economy and quality educational opportunities which can still work to lift people out of poverty, as they used to do.

However, I don’t believe we can look to the past to make that happen.  Technology is already so far ahead of us, it makes my head spin.  We have always been a land of innovation – the isolationists among us could never contain the entrepreneurial spirit of this nation’s business owners.

So no, it galls me to stand by and watch Justin Trudeau proceed and other nations proceed with the Trans Pacific Partnership while America “goes it alone.”  To think this is going to help American workers or consumers is laughable.  It is going to make jobs disappear into the 11 other countries participating and prices go down in their economies – ours will only go up.

Just as will our economy with regard to solar technology and washing machines.  No I don’t know much about solar energy except it has been viable for a while now and should be installed on all newly built housing and retrofitted to existing homes, with excess power sold back to the grid to avoid the high cost of building plant which is passed on to consumers in their bills.

But washing machines!  Well, let me tell you, they are EXPENSIVE already, especially the HE (high efficiency) type.  Of course, Donald Trump doesn’t know this.  I don’t even know if Melania or Ivanka do.  But you can bet their maids know.  Thanks, Mr. President, for making it even more expensive than the $1,300 I paid in 2013 for my machine the next time I have to purchase one.

I also don’t get how deporting anywhere from 700,000-850,000 DREAMers who have grown up in the United States, were educated in the United States, attend college and work in the United States, is going to make us a better country.  For that matter, how does deporting anyone who has lived here for a very long time, committed no criminal acts and contributes to the economy make us any better or worse off than we already are?  The only thing it will do is cause disruption in the economy, cost taxpayers an enormous amount of money to force them to leave and make us look very, very bad on the world stage.

So yes, Lara Trump, I know the economic reasons I oppose Donald Trump.  I know the environmental reasons I do not support him.  More importantly, I know the moral ones.

As a Catholic, do I believe life begins at conception?  Yes, I do.  But as a citizen, I have always recognized the law that is Roe v. Wade and the right of other women to make different choices on a legally recognized basis.  So no matter my personal moral stance on this issue, it is not my place to shame those who choose it.  It is my responsibility to spend time in prayer on this issue, to answer any questions put to me about it, and to pray for Jesus to have mercy and grace on ANYONE who makes a bad choice in their lives about ANYTHING.

Are abortion statistics much too high?  Yes, they are.  So are deaths from hand guns, semi-automatic weapons and war.  So are deaths from lack of nutrition, adequate medical care, climate change and migration.

If life is to be honored on its spectrum of life to natural death, then any type of death that does not fit that spectrum is a moral wrong.

Do I believe Trump cares for the unborn?  Since he doesn’t care for the living, it is very difficult for me to imagine him having that kind of faith and respect.  Given what he allegedly did to his wife and new born son with a porn star shortly after his son’s birth, to say Trump is a man of “family values” is laughable.

But I see he is a useful –if unpredictable-idiot in the game being waged between the Congress, the Court and those in his Administration who would see America as a land inhabited only by Ozzie and Harriet, Ricky and Dave, where everyone says “aw shucks” and “gee Dad,” while the milk man still delivers every day and the paper boy will reliably throw the daily news into the bushes.  It is a beautiful idyll.  The fact it never existed is beside the point to those who have purchased Steve Bannon’s vision of Trumpism.

Our country has always had a messy history that we have tried to gloss over with our fables about our leaders, how we acquired our 50 states, an antebellum lifestyle that was so graceful and refined, and a 20s that roared and a 50s that the ad men sold as a time of peace, prosperity and cigarettes for all.  We have always had people who have insisted we return to those “greater” times and putting “America first.”

But the truth is deeper, messier and more intricate than all of that.  You have to read dozens and dozens of books – not just one – to find it in all its shades, characters and layers.  You have to accept it was built on enslaving others, compromising on that issue and then living as a divided country even as one President sought to eradicate that demarcating line that can still be seen on history’s paper despite the attempts at erasure.

It is both awe-inspiring and miraculous that our more than 200 years of experiment with our system of government has survived this long.

I just want to make sure it survives Donald Trump.

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