He Only Hit Me Once

Why do we women have to show our bruises, wear our broken bones, expose our deepest humiliations in the most public ways before our tales of abuse are believed?

Why is it so difficult for an Orrin Hatch and a John Kelly to believe us? So easy for them to take at face value the Rob Porters of the world, to believe there is automatic truth in what he says because he knows how to play the game and make himself look good to those who “count.”

Why didn’t these women “count” when they relayed their experiences to the FBI and  were found credible enough to deny Porter a security clearance? How could he have been given a job of such extraordinary importance handling highly sensitive national security materials without that clearance?

What is wrong with the Trump Administration and the Republican Party that it has become standard fare to hear loud affirmations for the moral integrity of wife beaters, pedophiles, sex abusers and serial adulterers?

This is just a slice of what is wrong with the state of our union right now.  We have a Presidency that is absolutely contemptuous of human beings viewed as “lessor” than the predominantly white males running it, in coordination with a GOP dominated by the same.

At what point are we saved from this farce about “family values,” “respect for life” and “patriotism for Mom and apple pie?”

When does Trumpism fade away and common decency return?

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