Can We Talk About Guns Now?

Since the Parkland shooting I have not blogged, though I have spoken out on Twitter.

But I haven’t written about this 18th school shooting since January because I don’t know what argument there is left to give to stop this madness.

If the death of 14 students and three school staff isn’t an argument in and of itself, what is?

If the fact that it’s the 18th time we’ve had a school shooting since the start of this year alone, what is?

If the fact that the GOP refuses to say the word “gun” in any way and accepts un-totaled millions in campaign contributions from the NRA ($30 million to Trump alone), then what argument can be made to outweigh those vast sums?

Apparently none.

It doesn’t matter that the weapon used was first created by the Nazis at the end of World War II with the specific intent to kill as many Allied Forces as quickly as possible.

It doesn’t matter that the Russians mass-produced their Kalashnikov version to such a degree the excess ended up in the hands of the N. Vietnamese and was a prime reason in our inability to gain traction in an intractable war.

It doesn’t matter that then Secretary of Defense McNamara ordered up our own version (the M16) and that despite having this weapon of mass destruction and its siblings, we are still mired in intractable war in Afghanistan, spreading into Africa.

It doesn’t matter that unless they are on the battlefield, soldiers only carry this weapon in training and that it is otherwise kept in gun lockers on military bases.

It doesn’t matter that this weapon is meant to blow bodies apart, not just stop an attacker.

It doesn’t matter because somehow the NRA has put a spell on the minds of its members that is so dark, no reasoning can overcome it.

It doesn’t matter that common sense background checks, sensible restrictions on those who should not have guns, reasonable licensing and required training do no more to impinge on the right to bear arms than they do the right to drive a car.

It. Just. Doesn’t. Matter.

Because the death of our children does not make the “agenda” of people like Marco Rubio, a sometime more moral arbiter in his party.  Oh, he alleged he may be willing to make semi-automatic weapons “less lethal” to lead to less loss of life.

I wish he had been asked at CNN’s Parkland Town Hall which among the 17 victims he would have then chosen to live.  He wasn’t.

But if raising the age to buy this weapon of war from 18 to 21 isn’t acceptable to the NRA, you can bet your bottom dollar restricting magazine capacity won’t be, either. (Let’s not even dare to mention banning a weapon that has no business in civilian hands.)

Its opposition would be less money from NRA coffers for any GOP and supportive Democratic politicians who dared talk about gun control and the fact that the “right to life” should be more cherished than gun ownership

It. Just. Doesn’t. Matter.

And that is profoundly depressing to me.  That the safety of our children to attend school and not have to worry about more than pop quizzes, who sat by whom at lunch and whether the football team will make the playoffs…

Just. Doesn’t. Matter.

Not to Marco Rubio ( at least, it doesn’t matter enough to him). Not to Congress.  Not to the President. Not to the NRA.  Not to the country.

So why should I write about Parkland when…

It. Just. Won’t. Matter.


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