Okay, So I Am Still Watching “The Bachelor”

In my January 10th, 2018 post I said I did something I swore I would never do again…watch another season of “The Bachelor.”

Spoiler Alert: I also say the same things about “Dancing With the Stars” and the “Real Housewives” franchises, yet inevitably I do. So relax, Chris Harrison.  Relax.

This afternoon while recuperating on my new leather couch, I watched Arie’s  final rose 🌹 episodes. Of course, I felt as badly for Becca as the rest of Bachelor Nation. What a horrible experience to play out live on the public stage.

But I already knew he hadn’t picked the girl he most truly loved.  There was a difference in the way he kissed Lauren that was more deeply passionate. Rewatch the final episode. See if I am right. And remember this word: chemistry.

Besides, despite saying they like independent women, deep down men really like the ones they feel need protecting.  Or the women who pretend they need it.

Plus I think Arie was deeply influenced by the family consensus that Becca was a better long-term partner because she differed so much from the type of woman to which he is normally attracted. Yeah, well…I refer you to the above paragraph.  And the word “chemistry.”

I don’t know how this all ends, as there is yet another 2 hours or more of plot line left in this saga. Unfortunately I will have to record it, as I am spending the evening making up Easter baskets for disadvantaged children with my prayer group. I am sure that is the more charitable and valuable activity anyway. Which is why I am saving my physical energy spending the afternoon resting on my new leather couch.

But of course, I will watch it in recorded format when I get home. I am sure my opinions will be strong, as they are so far.

So, as a late arrival in Bachelor Nation on this subject, here’s my two cents.

Bachelors: Never, EVER, tell two girls you love them at the same time, even if you think you do. And NEVER do it while adding the words “very, very much.”

Contestants: Even if you are one of the last two people from which he will (allegedly) choose his “forever wife,” the operative word is TWO: there are two of you, and even if he has professed his love, presume he has told the other gal the same.  Guard your hearts more.  I know they throw around the term “reality TV.” This is not real life.

Which is why so many of the “engagements” from this show end up broken.

And why we cheer so much for the ones that don’t.

P.S.  Did I mention I got a new leather couch?86787908-17B5-41BB-B88F-DECA9F7E8260

P.P.S. And a matching chair!


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