Teleporting Gregory Peck

I have concluded it is not wise to reintroduce caffeine into your system after two years of abstinence, even if it does -along with a pain pill and a large dose of Tylenol – take the edge off what felt like a migraine coming on.

It is now 3:26 am and I am still not able to sleep, unlike my cat who is curled up tightly into a ball upon my legs as I lie abed this early March morning.

It is also not good to review recent blog posts and discover you have left words out of sentences that render them meaningless – especially if you have bragged in your bio about winning awards for your writing.

Sigh. Perfection continues to elude me.  If only the pollen blowing steadily from the pine trees all afternoon had done the same, I wouldn’t have been near migraine and would have avoided the caffeine.

But of course, then I would have missed watching the Gregory Peck-Greer Garson movie on TCM so perfectly themed for yesterday’s  announcement by Trump on tariffs for steel and aluminum.

The movie was about a wealthy scion of a Pittsburgh steel plant and the Irish housemaid with whom he falls in love.  These characters are played by Peck and Garson, respectively.

It is a reminder that we were once a country that built things, like railroads and suspension bridges, that required the unending fires tended by iron workers that sent billowing smoke over the Allegheny.

Perhaps if POTUS had announced infrastructure plans to warrant the tariffs, I could understand them.  But since he didn’t, it seems they are just for the sake of argument. Arguing seems to be something Trump enjoys, whether there is purpose to it or not.

Aside from further alienating both friend and foe alike, I am stumped.  Trump, after all, makes the best deals.  So if he is negotiating all these new best trade deals, why would we need tariffs?

Still, in the limited economy of the knowledge he seems to have accumulated with his Wharton business degree, his best deals will end up eating into our pockets and gobbling up any positive tax bonus messaging the GOP planned to use for November mid-terms and beyond.

I mean, seriously, why didn’t Trump propose the same sort of tariffs on textiles to incentivize a Renaissance in that industry? Oh, that’s right: his ties are made in China.

Trump makes the best ties, even if he doesn’t make them here, because somehow he understands THAT makes business sense. (Or is it that Ivanka makes the best tie-dyes?  I get these things confused.)

Why does Trump want to go back in search of a future?  Is that the way innovation works?  Because I always thought economies, like species, evolve or become extinct.  And in case DJT hasn’t noticed, ours evolved into a service sector economy fueled by technology a long time ago.

In fact, I am sure that despite what sounded like a congratulatory tweet, Elon Musk will build the first teleportation machine any day now.

And the phrase “Beam me up, Scottie” will become more than a line of dialogue from “Star Trek.”

Hey Siri, what do you think?



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