Rex, We Hardly Knew Ye

I find it ironic that it is the GOP -which often rails against the entertainment industry and the media-that gave us our first “movie star” President in Ronald Reagan.

Now we have had more than a year of our first “television star” President, again thanks to the GOP.

To say it has been eventful is to under state the state of the Trump presidency.

And today we lose the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who was never cut out for the job, but who at least was smart enough to know he was working for a “moron.”

Too bad he said so aloud. It was, I am sure, the beginning of his demise.

Tillerson was not a stupid man. You don’t become chairman of Exxon that way.

But he did have a “corporate mentality” that ill-suited him for leadership on policy.

(By the way, for those who have not worked within a large corporate structure, they have their own versions of State Departments, often known as Political Affairs.  Even corporate leaders get input on the public policy stances they take.)

Corporate leaders care about policy for how it impacts shareholder value, not for the sake of policy itself.

So Tillerson never had the right “lens” for the job he held.

But to be fair, neither does Trump.  His lens is colored by a profound ignorance of history and world affairs, what Constitutional limitations there are on the Presidency, how differently government runs compared to a family business.

Yet Trump, thanks to being given a pass by Speaker Ryan and Devin Nunes (R-CA) from the House Intelligence Committee’s look at Russian intervention in the election, is now feeling “unfettered” and free to let “Trump be Trump.”

High off a campaign rally in PA this weekend, Trump is ready to leap in a single bound over those prototypes of the great “Wall” this afternoon.

If anyone thinks Trump having his way on things will be calming, think again.

I have a feeling “Trump’s Wild Ride” is just beginning.





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