Mea Culpa

Repentance is one of the tenets of Lent. As Catholics, we are especially called to make confession during this time of year.

As today was not a good day, I hereby confess and repent of the following:

  1.  Instead of getting back into my Lenten routine this week (reading a book on Psalms and another on Christian meditation), I have spent too much time on Twitter. But in my defense, Trump and the GOP have given me a lot to tweet about this week. Still -mea culpa.
  2. I have been trolling Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on the gun control issue because of yesterday’s student walkouts and for a comment he made during the CNN town hall that he works with people who support his “agenda,” aka the NRA.  I believe gun control – especially a ban on semi-automatic weapons and devices that turn them fully automatic (aka bump stocks) – SHOULD be on his “agenda.” And because he sounded absolutely supercilious and uncaring when he said it.  Anyway, for trolling him repeatedly about his “agenda,” – mea culpa.
  3. I have also been trolling Speaker Ryan just because he has so come to deserve it.  Whatever moral force he was during the 2015-16 campaign season, it has evaporated as so much dust in the wind. So, even though mea culpa, have to mea culpa again for not being so sorry about it.
  4. My support for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is greater right now for than our own President, who was widely reported today to have deliberately lied to Trudeau about trade deficits that don’t exist.  This caused me to apologize twice to Trudeau on Twitter on behalf of we, the people, and reference cherry trees.  Now I have just learned Trump may have been lying about a meeting where he lied to Trudeau  because Trudeau doesn’t even know what he is talking about! Like Rex Tillerson, I confess I think Trump is a “moron.” Mea not so culpa.
  5. I yelled at my cat tonight. Mea really very culpa, especially as she is sleeping so peacefully beside me right now rather than meowing for I don’t know what to feed her because her kidneys are failing, she is hungry, but won’t eat much of anything I try to give her, including $20 a plate salmon.  Have to say mea culpa culpa again on this one.
  6. Every night I do The NY Times mini crossword twice, both on my I-phone and my I-pad, then post whichever is the fastest time to Twitter because I am arrogant about my intellect. Mea culpa.
  7. I am glad I don’t have a husband to explain to about my $200 shopping spree this afternoon, which included three pairs of shoes I didn’t need but wanted because they were so cute. I give myself a half a mea and a full culpa because, well, one pair was a Calvin Klein brand for only $25.
  8. Even though I went to dinner, ate a full grilled chicken salad and had a caffeinated Coke, I came home and ate the last Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream bar because it was there and I have no impulse control. Mea culpa, culpa mea.

As penance,  I commit myself to a weekend without Twitter, as soon as I post this blog. And ten Hail Marys.

Mea no longer so culpa? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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