I Said Trump’s Win Was Cherry-Picked: I Was Right

Not to toot my own horn, but if one went back in time on my Twitter feed, he/she would find from long ago my assertion that the Trump campaign was able to cherry-pick just the right districts it needed in key swing states to win the election.

I wasn’t sure how it was done.  But I did figure Cambridge Analytica may have played a part somehow.

Now we know they did it by using Facebook. And once again, Facebook knew and only acted when publicly it had no alternative.

It says a lot about Mark Zuckerberg and his company. He and it have no concern for the 50 million people whose data were mined and then abused by Cambridge Analytica and Team Trump.

The stakes in terms of money were too much to pass up.  As for user security – well, we gave ourselves over to a kid who launched Facebook in his dorm room ( and perhaps using methods actually developed by others, if the story-line of “The Social Network” is to be believed.)

In some ways, we have only ourselves to blame.

Living in a democratic society with a free-flow of information requires a willingness to be open with who we are as a people. Perhaps we were stupidly so in terms of our addictive use of Facebook.

But that genie is out of the bottle and not to be put back, especially in an ever advancing technological age of driverless cars, increasing AI and robotics. And our personal data pretty much everywhere.

Even with a willingness to accept we should exercise  more care and concern, we are very much at the mercy of anyone able to hack our cell phones or computers. Or the very “cloud” itself.

So, do we now have an illegitimate Presidency?  I don’t know how to answer that.  I am not a legal scholar.

But I do believe 2016 was not a free and fair election as we were used in the past to experiencing it. And the abuse of our openness combined with technology is the reason.

Now finding a solution in the immediate future to ensure U.S. elections are free and fair is critical.  We need this “fix” sooner rather than later to keep our society based on the democratic ideals I think everyone – Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike – choose as U.S. citizens to live by.

Please God send us leaders willing to do so.

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