Marching with My I-Pad

I cannot march on Washington today. I would like to have been able to do so.  But I am waiting on a plane to take me to Texas due to a family emergency.

But I can Tweet my support, which I have done.  And I can dedicate this blog to a call to end the slaughter of our children in their classrooms.

I am not against the 2nd Amendment.  Like all Constitutional Amendments, however, it is open to legal interpretation.

I know die-hard NRA members think their right to bear arms is “God-given.”  Funny, I missed that part in the Bible.

Yes, our Founding Fathers invoked God when crafting the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. But I have never read a history book that says they were led by the Holy Spirit in doing it.  Nor is there any hint in my Bible this would happen.

Invoking God’s name and God approving of something are two different things.

Since Jesus was God Incarnate and He said if your enemy slaps you, offer your other cheek, I find it hard to believe He is happy with our President’s idea of arming teachers in classrooms.

After all, Jesus is the same guy who could have allowed a woman to be stoned for breaking one of the Ten Commandments. His response to that was to write something in the sand.

So why do we think we have a God-given “right” to any kind of gun we choose to own, without limitation or restriction?

For those who say we need it in case we have to rise up against the government-sorry guys.  But unless it is the Generals leading the coup, you are already out-gunned, tanked, planed and nuked.

We are not “Rambo.” Nor is Sylvester Stallone.  He was just pretending.

But the death and destruction of our children is real.  It happens with too great a frequency and for no reasonable explanation.

Contributions to PACs and Presidencies does not qualify as reason.

I have admitted to “trolling” Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) on Twitter because of a remark he made at the CNN town hall after Parkland.  I continue to do so.

He said he supports people and organizations that support his “agenda.” It was his explanation for his willingness to accept the NRA’s money for his campaigns.

It was a word that has stuck in my craw. His “agenda.” As if that overrides any other considerations and is something unmalleable.

I wonder.  Has he realized that if he were to support banning private ownership of weapons designed for war and reasonable gun control regulations, there would be plenty of people willing to support him on that “agenda” item too?

And that his chances for re-election might not be dimmed a whit?

”Agendas” change all the time.  It is past time for Senator Rubio – and the rest of his Congressional colleagues – to change theirs.




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