My Good Bye to Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is leaving.

Chalkboard Cindy may cry bye-bye. I am afraid I can’t.

Do I believe he wants to spend more family time?  I am sure he does. When I was a single working mother, I desperately wanted more time with my child too.

But I did not have the luxury to find it until my son was already grown.

Do I believe he was genuinely appalled by Donald Trump’s Presidency?

I am sure he was based on his strong reactions during the primary to Trump’s racism, gaucherie and absolute ignorance to be President.  And despite Ryan’s “grin and bear it” demeanor and desire to get his tax plan enacted, I am sure he never came to terms with it.

And therein is my problem with Paul Ryan  as Speaker of the House and a fellow Catholic.

I believe Ryan finds Trump as abhorrent as I do.  What so disappointed me about him was that he was willing to ignore his moral core and look past the destruction Trump is reaping on this nation.

I am angry that he loved tax cuts for the uber wealthy and corporations more than the Constitution, the rule of law and the democratic freedoms so many people have fought and died for in our more than two hundred year history.

I am angry that he ignored the social teachings of the Church.

I am angry that political expediency mattered more to him than principle or every day people of all persuasions.

And that he is walking away to say Trump is everyone else’s problem now.

He may be a hero to some.

To me he will only be a hero who could have been.


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