Lordy, Lordy

I cannot believe that we have just bombed a foreign country and all our President is concerned about today is a book of James Comey’s impressions of him that we already knew Comey held. Lordy!

We all heard Comey testify before Congress. Did Donald Trump think there would be a different analysis in the book?

Trump doesn’t like people he cannot cajole of corrupt to bend to his will. We have all read enough analysis to know this is the sign of an autocratic personality.

Comey is a proud man who did not bend. Perhaps Trump has never met one of those before.

But if Trump truly believes himself innocent of corruption – in both involvement with Russian election interference or illegal campaign finance – if Trump truly believes he is exercising Presidential authority and not obstructing justice, why does he give a fig what James Comey says? Or whom Robert Mueller indicts?

I want a President who is spending his time considering serious strategy on Syria and the tinder box that is the Mid-East, not one who lights a match and then goes off to sip his Diet Cokes while live tweeting Fox News “analysts” no more qualified to their opinions than I am to mine.

It is easy to question our military decisions in hindsight. Anyone can do that and say we were “just” in involving ourselves in this one, stupid or misled about another.

But we are at a time when we must seriously understand what we are committing ourselves to continue doing in both the Mid-East, Asia and along the borders of Central European democracies.

We need people who can strategize and envision outcomes that don’t involve the destruction of other societies and the annihilation of their standard of living or of our own.

We need a leader who knows that there is as much strength – or more – in lifting people up through humanitarian outreach and diplomacy than in reaching out with our missiles.

If it is not okay for Assad to use chemical weapons against his own citizens, why is it okay for him to kill them in a civil war in any other fashion?

And if we care about Syrian lives so much we use missiles to defend them, why do we not care enough to help them by granting asylum to Syrian refugees?

And why are we so smug to drink Diet Coke while watching Fox News saying destroying those weapons is “great” while making our border with Mexico its own Gaza Strip?

From an ideological standpoint, things are terribly wrong in our country right now.

And Donald Trump may not like Comey’s analysis that Trump himself is the proximate problem.  But it’s the truth.

And Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell  know it.  Everyone knows it, except for the suckers Trump plays and the “close personal advisors” like Roger Stone and Steve Bannon who are playing him.

“If you hit me, I will hit you back harder” is not a strategy to living life.  It is a reaction.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And it is not a strategy for the greatest country on earth to employ – militarily, in a trade war or by ignoring diplomacy and humanitarian relief – and say it is a just nation.


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