Dancing With “The Donald”

I hate being sick when the weather is good. Somehow it makes it all seem so much worse.

What started out as a “little tummy trouble” this morning has not abated and is now accompanied by a raging headache.

And I probably shouldn’t say this, but I am writing this blog because I am bored and tired of listening to endless newscasts about John Kelly allegedly calling President Trump an “idiot.” (If you are a Trump devotee, and you happen to be a Twitter/Facebook friend and truly like me, I suggest you stop reading here.)

News flash to the news community: half of us already knew Trump was an idiot. We really didn’t need the news flash.

I am watching the clock, waiting for it to hit 8 pm so I can watch “Dancing With the Stars.” I like my shallow sans Trump, thanks.

As with “The Bachelor,” I faithfully promise twice each year I have seen enough.  Yet like the swallow naturally wired to return to Capistrano, I watch each new “semi-season” as addictively as I drink my Cokes. (Okay, a soda addiction is ALL I have in common with Donald J. Trump – please God!🙏🏻)

Perhaps it is because I never went to the prom that I can’t let my attachment to these shows wane the way I have with episodic and highly generic TV.

Like Cinderellon (the opera heroine, not the fairy tale), I want to wear a sparkling dress and go to the ball and dance with Prince Charming and sorta sing an aria…”You think I’m gorgeous…you want to kiss me…you want to hug me…you want to love me…” (1)

(Please God let PC look like Benjamin Bratt – please!🙏🏻)

I mean, I’ve waited 49 years to be invited to the prom – I think being the main attraction of the event is the least I am due.

Well, maybe it is TWO things I have in common with DJT. (Please God-let it only be two! 🙏🏻)


(1) Quote from “Miss Congeniality,” starring Sandra Bullock,  Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures, NVP Entertainment, Fortis Films,  @2000


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