Angels Among Us

Who are we in this moment of history?

According to three different polls, fortunately a vast majority of us still seem to be capable in the Trump Era of being outraged at the latest assault against our system of values.

That makes us the Moral Majority on this day.

Even the most conservative of Republicans willing to give carte blanche to Donald Trump seem to find the sight of children in cages abhorrent.

Hallelujah. For now.

Because I am afraid it won’t last.  Not as long as Trump can find the next spectacle to shock, awe and amaze us. He enjoys it.

I am also afraid it won’t last because at the signing of today’s executive order saying families seeking asylum won’t be separated for the next 20 days, Trump felt the need to go round the table so everyone could offer him high praise for rescinding an immoral policy he himself instituted.

So long as the GOP now sees it’s primary job as ministering to the fragile ego that is Trump’s, their will to govern and produce legislative results will be sapped and drained.

Trump is exhausting that way.

Unless one actually becomes co-opted into his alternative universe.  Then they just become evil henchmen, a la Devin Nunes  and Rudy Guiliani.  Kirstjen Nielsen and Nikki Haley.

Except for Stephen Miller. Sadly he seems to have been born without a soul.  Which makes him the perfect soul-less mate to his former mentor, Jeff Sessions

None of this will solve what is broken in our immigration system.  Nor will it resolve the fact there is no plan in place to reunite nearly 2,000 children already taken by DHS with parents who may be thousands of miles away or deported back to their countries of origin.

But at least for one day out of the more than 500 that Trump has been POTUS, we sided with our better angels.

And tomorrow a baby won’t be ripped from the arms of a nursing mother by the party of family values.

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