What “Art?” What “Deal?”

Can we dispense with the notion that Donald Trump, and only Donald Trump, is master over the “Art of the Deal?”

First of all, he didn’t even write the book himself. A man named Tony Schwartz did.

In an article today by Peter Baker of the “failing New York Times” -the subscribers for which has INCREASED since a President Trump, btw – Baker gives a precise run down of all the deals Trump HASN’T made since taking office:

His 17 months in office have in fact been an exercise in futility for the art-of-the-deal president. No deal on immigration. No deal on health care. No deal on gun control. No deal on spending cuts. No deal on NAFTA. No deal on China trade. No deal on steel and aluminum imports. No deal on Middle East peace. No deal on the Qatar blockade. No deal on Syria. No deal on Russia. No deal on Iran. No deal on climate change. No deal on Pacific trade.” 

The  same article points out that despite raking in $100 million a year for ONE of his Atlantic City casinos in the 90’s, he still managed to go bankrupt and lose all three.  Plus three other bankruptcies on other various interests reported by other sources.

If Mark Burnett had not come along with NBC’s “The Apprentice,” Trump would not be occupying the Oval Office today.

In fact, I would wager given his past business history, he wouldn’t even still own Mar-a-Lago. Or Trump Tower.

There is no art to Donald Trump.  Only artifice.

Look at the two biggest failures of his Presidency so far: the travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim majority countries and the plan to separate children from asylum seeking parents at the Southern Border.

First, they failed because they were bad policy to begin with.

But they also failed because both were poorly planned and badly executed.

The Muslim ban was a bum’s rush attempt that was crafted without benefit of legal counsel.

The second was allegedly better planned.  But if you have no tracking system of which kids go with which parents for purposes of reunification, how good a plan did you really make?

Or was the master plan to never give the kids back at all? To be just as ruthless in the outcome for parents – the permanent loss of your child for daring to knock on our door – as MS-13 delivering them dead on your doorstep at home?

Donald Trump is not some clever genius who “alone” can fix things.

Negotiating NAFTA is not the same thing as negotiating marble for a foyer.

Sitting down with Kim Jong Un, giving the latter reams of propaganda pictures to use at home, is not a diplomatic win, either.

What will it take for Trump supporters to wake up and smell the coffee? Do they need to lose their homes because their wages aren’t keeping pace with costs?

Because they aren’t.

Do they have to lose someone they love to a terrible illness because the GOP-controlled Congress keeps stripping away the protections of the Affordable Care Act? Has its eyes on depleting Medicare and Medicaid?

Because they will.

Do their kids have to go hungry because the rules on income for Food Stamps have changed and the working poor may no longer qualify?

They might.

Btw, exactly how many of those coal mining jobs have they gotten back so far?

While last year EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt alleged 50,000 had been added, in fact only 50,000 EXISTED, per Politifact.

The actual increase was about 400 per month. And the increases started before Trump was ever elected, not because of it.

What Trump has given is a tax cut to the super wealthy and corporations which -except in rare instances- are being used for stock buy-backs, not to add plant, improve product or give bonuses to employees.

Meanwhile he has pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord (which didn’t obligate us to DO anything) and the Iran Nuclear deal, which WAS delivering on a verifiable non-proliferation of nuclear capability by that country.

All Trump has given this nation day after day -starting with his Inaugural Day itself – is lie upon lie upon lie.

The question is – when will those lies finally stack up high enough for his supporters that their weight finally collapses and he loses that base support?

Would they really let him get away with killing someone in cold blood in the middle of 5th Avenue?

Many might, depending on who it was he killed.  Which says what about him and them?

Hopefully the base will tire of Trump before Congress gives him money for a vanity border wall that we don’t really need and – given Trump’s track record – likely wouldn’t even get built.

The only deal had in this last election was a bad one, any way you slice it and dice it.

So much for “ The Art of the Deal.”



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