90 Day Challenge: Day 6 – The Link Between Heaven and Earth

I started out Day 6 in Day 7 mode.  All I really wanted to do was rest, just as God rested after his six days of creation.

After waking at 5 am with a headache, I watched the first Bridget Jones movie. Not having enough of my Mr. Darcy fix, I then started watching the second until pain medicated sleep overtook me during the break-up scene.

Mercifully, Salem let me sleep from whatever time that was until 11:30 am.  I spent most of the day doing piddling things, feeling very non-creative indeed. I couldn’t even muster the energy to do the necessary reading for the class I facilitated this evening.

What should have been a deficit turned into a blessing, as the session dealt with the culmination of all the reading that had preceded it.

In Genesis on the 6th day, God created the animals and human beings.  Our lesson tonight was on the contemplation of the relationship between God and the latter.

Most enlightening to me was the idea that as the only creature that is both matter and spirit, we humans have a unique position in the cosmic order – along with Christ, as the head of the Church – to engage in the exchange of love from the Father to the Son.  It was why Jesus had to come to earth in the flesh as the “new Adam;” so that the love the Father has for his creation can be returned to him through the person of Jesus.

As the body of Christ, the Church participates in unity in this loving exchange.  It is the purpose for which every human being is created.

The angels, as pure spirit, cannot do this.  Matter that has no spirit cannot do this. Only man – as both spirit and matter – can fulfill this unique role. And since Adam and Eve brought sin into the world, breaking their communion with God, man and woman can now only fulfill this task through the person of Christ.

For Catholics, the height and summit of this exchange takes place during the Mass, as the priest lifts the Host and pronounces the words “…through him, with him and in him, through the unity of the Holy Spirit, all honor and glory are yours forever and ever.”

So we are all of us here for a purpose – to allow God to love us and to love him in return.

It is both that simple yet very complicated at the same time, because each of us has a different path to take to reach this realization.

For some of us, that path is more littered and strewn with life’s debris, a steeper climb along darker paths.

But for those who despair and wonder then why on earth they were even born, may the simplicity of our Unitarian purpose give them hope.

May they know it is all for the sake of love, and love alone.

“All you need is love, love; love is all you need.” (1)


(1) “All You Need Is Love,” by John Lennon/Paul McCartney, Copyright Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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