90 Day Challenge – Interrupted

Looking back at this site, it seems I made it 36 days through this challenge before a bout of not feeling well and depression interrupted me. That was ten days ago.

The best news is that the nodes a CT scan of my lungs revealed do not appear to be cancer related. The bad news: they were probably created when my immune system could not completely fight off an infection.

In another round of good news, I have seen my own bladder, and it is healthy.  The bad news: the procedure itself created an infection for which I am awaiting a very special medication the pharmacy had to order.

Good news or not, I am watching the Ari Melber-Steve Bannon interview as I type this.  They are discussing the empowerment of women in this political moment.  Bannon seems to think all college educated WHITE women love Donald Trump.  Not this one.

And impossibly, Bannon still supports Roy Moore and believes Mitch McConnell is to blame for his not winning the Alabama Senate race.

Wish Ari would have asked if Bannon would have let his own daughter – at 14 – date a then 32-year-old Roy Moore.

There are some things only a female journalist can ask that really drive a point home.  We have all been someone’s vulnerable teen daughter at some point in our lives.

I can remember being profoundly disturbed by male behavior on a mall excursion with my then 14-year-old niece in Texas.  At 5 feet 8 inches, fully developed, with white blonde hair and a beautiful face from which her bright blue eyes gazed out on the world, I can understand they thought she was older than she was.

But the way they stared at her as she passed made me wish I was not so supportive of gun control. A rifle to protect her from those lascivious stares would have been handy about then.

God, I sound like a Kemp for Georgia governor campaign ad.  Mea culpa.

The idea of patriarchy also was a part of this Bannon interview. This is a concept – having worked in the corporate world – I do understand.  When I was part of the work world, getting ahead as a woman meant acting more like a man.

Mimicking their “tough guy,” bottom line attitudes was the only way the men in power would let you play on their team. But that still didn’t make a woman their true equal.

One of the difficult things of the past few days has been listening to the new allegations of sexual abuse leveled against the Church.

It is difficult listening to such ugly things about a theology that has so much that is innately beautiful in its practice.

That it went on so long and was so widely covered up does not surprise. The Boy’s Club always protects itself, no matter where you encounter it.

I am sorry for those who suffered such abuses at the hands of the people they so innocently trusted.  I am sorry for the individual priests who sinned so grievously and denigrated their sacred vows.

But I firmly believe in a zero tolerance policy on such matters, and I do not believe the Church should police itself when criminality is involved. I don’t care that the Vatican is, in essence, it’s own nation-state.

Alleged criminal activity should always be investigated by civil authority. Meanwhile, those under investigation should be placed on administrative leave until their criminality is determined.

The same for anyone alleged to have abetted in a coverup.  No matter their rank in the hierarchy of the Church.

Those found guilty should be defrocked. Yes, they are as deserving of forgiveness as is any sinner. For that we have the repentance of the Confessional – not a switch to another parish or diocese.

There may be those who consider this idea too harsh against a priesthood already decimated in its ranks.

There is a remedy for that but the Church will not accept it.

I will end by saying that Jesus may indeed have chosen twelve men as his closest disciples.

But it was to a woman that he first revealed his resurrected self and announced the Good News.


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