Déjà Vu

I have seen this movie before.

In fact, I have seen at least one of the cast of characters before – Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). He wasn’t very good in the role in 1991.  He was no better in it today.

His comments were tone-deaf and anti-female then. They were the same today, when he dared to postulate of a woman who claims Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her in high school that she was “mixed up.”

Because after all, Kavanaugh had grown to be such a man of sterling character and integrity today. Surely that mattered more than the nearly 30 years of memory she has harbored about the incident. At least, in Hatch’s opinion, Kavanaugh MUST be believed because, well, Hatch knows him so well.

But this woman – whom Hatch has NEVER met – she cannot be telling the truth.

Does Senator Hatch sincerely think a woman can be mixed up about nearly being raped. Sincerely?

Can he not imagine a drunk, 17-year-old boy trying to clumsily force himself upon a teenage girl at a bedroom at a party?  Can he not imagine a man being considered for a Supreme Court vacancy might want to vociferously deny it happened? Is it possible Kavanaugh seriously doesn’t remember himself and is the one who is “mixed up?”

I remember the excruciating detail of what Anita Hill had to say about Clarence Thomas in hours of televised hearings. I watched it all unfold. And because of my own professional experiences, I believed her.

I knew how I had been treated in the workplace by men just as professional as Thomas. I know what they said to me. I know what they said in lies about me.   I know what was said was not true.

That is why I believed Anita Hill. That is why I am sympathetic to Dr. Ford’s assertions about her experience with Brett Kavanaugh.

It is why I think Orrin Hatch is “mixed up.” It is why I think Kavanaugh is scared and not telling the truth.

Or he possibly was so drunk himself, he doesn’t remember that night.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if once, just once, the man said you’re right. I was drunk.  I was being a jerk.  I am so sorry I did that to you.  It is not who I am today.

He would be a judge worth voting for.

Brett Kavanaugh has already shown he is not that man.

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