Does the Rule of Law Really Rule?

I understand that his friends, family and colleagues want to believe Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth when he says he has never sexually assaulted anyone.  For all I know, he never has.  But neither do I know he hasn’t.  I don’t know the man.

But I do know it is possible to sleep next to your spouse every night for seven years only to discover that person was capable of doing something you could have never imagined.

How many women have woken up one day to find out their spouse has cheated on them? How many men?

How many people imagined the first time it ever happened that the person they were married to would hit them? Would drain their bank account without their knowledge? Would commit a crime when they had never done so before?

It happens.  Every.  Single.  Day.

And no one enjoys talking about it.  Many people won’t.  Ever.

So please, Brett Kavanaugh supporters, please understand as fine a man as he may be, he may still have the ability to do things of which you have no knowledge that could change the tilt of the earth on its axis as you knew it.

Which is not to say his accusers are all truthful.

Which is exactly why there should be a separate FBI investigation on this issue.

Which is why all the women and all corroborating witnesses should testify.

Which is why Mark Judge should be subpoenaed to appear and testify.

Their stubborn refusal to have such an investigation is exactly the problem with the GOP.  That, and the way they – most especially President Donald Trump – have talked about the women coming forward.  Calling them liars.  Calling them politically motivated.

I have written in the past several days about sexual abuse and surviving it.  So I am not going to belabor the point.

Except to say it is difficult to talk about, it takes years of therapy to deal with it, and it is a memory that forever haunts. And somewhere in your soul, an ember of anger and outrage always burns, right next to a sliver of shame.

Today a 3rd and 4th accuser have come forward.

My question is – how many of these allegations is the Senate Judiciary sitting on?  Because they have known for days, and we, the people, are only now finding out.

Why won’t Chuck Grassley, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell ask the FBI to investigate?  Why doesn’t Judge Kavanaugh himself call for it?

If I were as innocent as he claims, I would want one.

(And no, the fact he has been background checked before doesn’t matter – they were not asking these particular questions in previous background checks.)

This is what seems fair.  This is what seems reasonable.

This is what is supposed to happen in a country based on rule of law.

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