Waiting for Tom

Am spending today on the couch, taking an antibiotic that makes me nauseous.  So much fun.

I haven’t the energy or desire for political programming or Twitter.  So I decided to watch some of last week’s Season Premieres.

I am not much for episodic TV any more, except for things like “Game of Thrones,” “The Crown,” “Versailles,” etc.  Yes there is a theme there.

I very much enjoyed “New Amsterdam.” It stars the actor who played “Tom” from the “Black List.”  Finally, a medical drama I will enjoy.  I put that on “Record All Episodes.”

A fan of the original “Magnum, P.I.,” of course I had to see the reboot.  It was okay.  I only am recording all the episodes because I got nostalgic for the scenery (two trips to Hawaii in the 80s and 3 islands visited. Did not want to come back to the mainland either time. Mahalo.)

The first trip was the most nostalgic.  I missed being Mrs. Tom Selleck by a mere 20 minutes.

A friend from work had a daughter who lived on Oahu.  She belonged to the same gym as Selleck. We went there one evening only to find we had missed him by those 20 minutes.  So bummed.

But hey, my old friends at the newspaper had given me a nightshirt with Tom Selleck’s mustachioed image on it.  So it wasn’t entirely without credibility that I could return from my vacation and say “I slept with Tom Selleck.”

Well, a facsimile, at least.

I think I have previously blogged that I don’t laugh easily, so sitcoms aren’t really my thing.  But I had to, absolutely had to, watch “ Murphy Brown.” It did not disappoint.

The highlights were Murphy’s Twitter feud with Trump and the application of Hillary Clinton (one L only 😉😉) to be Murphy’s new secretary.

Although I haven’t watched “SNL” in years, I saw on-line Matt Damon’s terrific send-up of Brett Kavanaugh at the Senate Judiciary hearing last Thursday.

Just had to watch it on TV.  It was even funnier. (Seriously, what was up with all the snuffling on Thursday that Damon mimicked so perfectly? Hello, FBI, I don’t think Don McGahn had that issue as a no go zone. Director Wray?)

I wasn’t laughing at Kavanaugh himself on Thursday. I was too busy being horrified by his anger, arrogance and complete lack of dignity.  Hopefully the “undecideds” of the Senate keep that in mind when they consider confirmation and the issue of judicial temperament.

Fortunately the FBI won’t need to investigate his temperament under stress. We all clearly saw how he behaved.  It was Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who was dignified in her testimony, willing to answer every question put to her.

I am not sure what I will watch next. It might be time for a movie now.  Thank goodness I don’t have to take the other antibiotic dose until bedtime.

But I know for sure I will be watching Sir Paul McCartney on “60 Minutes” tonight.

It would be a tough call as to whether I would rather have gone through life as Mrs. Paul McCartney or Mrs. Tom Selleck.

Now I understand polygamy a bit better.


Me in Hawaii – mid 80s




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