Kavanaugh: Did Anything I Wrote or Said Matter?

I am exhausted.  For many reasons.

My 16 1/2-year-old cat is slowly dying from kidney failure.  That she has lasted this long is a combination of kitty dialysis (running fluids to expel toxins) and feeding her Chik-fil-A (just the meat, not the coating; and before you suggest it, she won’t eat it grilled.)

I am fighting an infection with an antibiotic that has side effects that limit me more than the original infection.  And thanks to sitting in the ER for more than 3 hours to get meds, I seem to have a virus on top of it. ( Still, I am a big believer in flu shots – if you haven’t yet, get yours.)

And as a survivor of sexual assault (twice) and multiple instances of sexual harassment in the workplace, I am so dispirited by the political discourse (or in the case of the GOP, its lack of civility therein), I don’t even want to get up off the couch. With all due respect to Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) not withstanding.

I am tired of hearing how aggrieved Donald Trump is about women who make up false stories about him. I am sure given his fame and wealth, it has happened.

Just as I equally believe Stormy Daniels had sex with him only four months after Melania Trump gave birth and then was later paid hush money to keep from hurting his electoral chances on the heels of the “Access Hollywood” tape.

Is it fair that someone would accuse him falsely? Of course not.

But maybe it should give him an inkling of how women survivors feel when they are asked about whether or not they were provocatively dressed;  how much were they drinking; are they a spurned woman; did they send a “yes” signal and decide after it was “no.”

(Or, if Lindsey Graham is asking, did you ever live in a trailer park/possess a $100 bill.)

Trump of all people should know how hard it is to disprove a negative. (Oh wait, he doesn’t; he has just learned that if you tell enough lies, bully enough people and create enough chaos, people forget what the last allegation was because there is yet another new one taking its place and soaking up all attention.)

I am also exhausted because I feel I have said and done all I can.  I have called my own Senators and ones who are not my Senators about Brett Kavanaugh’s possible Confirmation.

I have tweeted them all so much I am sure I have a reputation as a troll somewhere.  I have blogged really personal information that was not in my original vision of how my blogs would be styled.

But I felt it was important because I did have a story to contribute and because I know Trump had a list of at least 24 other potential jurists just as conservative as Kavanaugh who will not take a place on the Supreme Court carrying the baggage and unresolved questions he will carry: about Dr, Blasey Ford’s accusation and those of others, about his political impartiality and about his temperament – not as an 18-year-old but now, after 50+ years of living.

No, I no longer consider myself a member of the GOP.   In his manner and method, Trump raped me of my willingness to be called a Republican.

Because I am more center right than most Democrats, I guess you could say I “caucus” with them.  And I admittedly resist the Trump Administration and its decimating policies.

But I guess in our divided political nation, that makes me a member of Kellyanne Conway’s “vast left wing conspiracy.”

(How hysterical she would co-opt a phrase made famous by Hillary Clinton.  Or is it irony? Don’t know.  Don’t really care.🤷🏼‍♀️)

I just know the only recourses I have going forward remain my Twitter account and this blog.  I am opposed to Donald Trump and have been since Day One.  As a Republican voter.

I am so sorry to see him destroy the party of Lincoln.

Most importantly, I still have my vote, no matter how I self-identify on the political spectrum – or how others might suggest to identify me.  (Sisterhood, at Wa Po’s Jennifer Rubin!)

I will be using that vote in November.

Even if you are as sick as I currently am, have a cat that’s dying and are appalled at what has been happening these past two weeks – including the shaming of a sexual assault victim by the President of the United States and the now scary likes of Graham – I pray you will use your vote too.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comSupreme Court



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