Our “Better Angels” Have Fled Us

I cannot believe on a day when two past Presidents, a past Secretary of State, a former Attorney General and a former head of National Intelligence were targeted with mailed pipe bombs, our current President is going through with one of his WWE-style campaign rallies in Speaker Paul Ryan’s state of Wisconsin.

More unbelievably, those awaiting his arrival are continuing to chant “lock her up.”

Human decency has been aborted by those who claim to defend the right to life.

There are fewer “better angels” among us any more because the GOP is no longer the Party of Lincoln. Or even of Reagan or either Bushes.

We no longer live in the “United” States Lincoln gave his life to preserve. He also gave his life for the Republican Party. And it has taken that gift and treated it as if it were trash.

For what? Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations? Control of the Supreme Court?

Well congratulations. It has only cost us everything else we have ever been or aspired to be.

I am so angry at where this country has landed in just two short years. The only thing I have left to cling to is the knowledge I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS.  I refused to give my vote to Trump and departed a GOP voting record that stretched from Reagan through Romney.

I refused to sell my soul or dilute my vote by giving it to  someone other than Hillary Clinton. Do I think she was a perfect choice? No. But I could clearly see she was the much better one.

I am equally angry at the GOP’s Congressional leaders and every member of the Republican House and Senate.  Cowards, enablers and opportunists all.

(Apologies to Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkwski, Ben Sasse and Marco Rubio – you have your moments, but you are each complicit too.  You are not consistent in trying to stop the great evil you know is befalling this nation.)

I am aging.  In a few decades, I will be dust.

But my son and daughter-in-law, my nieces and nephews and their children will still be here.  I fear for their futures.

All I can do now is Vote 💙 and pray.

I hope the majority among you will join me.

angel angel figure art artwork
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



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