Being Sick Sucks

Being sick…sucks.

Being chronically ill sucks even more.

My Twitter screen time wasn’t dramatically up last week because I think I am some grand maven whose voice just has to be heard in public discourse.

It has more to do with:

a.) Though too sick for much else, I am able to lie on the couch, watch TV, and listen to and simultaneously read the news, and

b.) I used to be a reporter in my younger days and the Twitter platform is full of users paying attention to the news of the day, so it interests me more than other platforms, and

c.) It is easier to write a Tweet than work on a blog when you are chronically ill. Kudos to those who are able to manage their autoimmune and other disorders and do both.

When it is fibromyalgia pain, using meds, I can do both. When my depression becomes overwhelming for me, I fall silent. Sometimes for months.

But when I am nauseated and dizzy as well as in pain, I cannot function. My couch becomes my safe haven, the one place I can navigate without my internal GPS swirling and my stomach churning.

Not that certain Tweets cannot have similar effects on my system.

Take Senator John Cornyn’s (R-TX) Tweet quoting Mussolini as the political voice we should use as a compass point for the type of country we should be voting to support in 2020.

Never mind it was an inept attempt to conflate the issue of socialism and how far we take that path. In truth, we do have social programs in this country when it is for the commonweal. Access to healthcare for all, having as highly educated a citizenry as possible, and stopping and reversing climate change are not wholly incompatible with capitalism to me. Nor overly socialistic ideas.

The point is “I am old enough to remember” when true conservatives quoted Buckley, not dictators allied with the Axis powers of World War II. (In other words, the people we fought a generational war to defeat because they were – exterminating Jews and other critical things.)

I think many of today’s GOP political crop are part of the party because it more closely molds to their personal moral/business-centric values – or because the GOP has been more malleable to such. Do many of them have any true ideological, philosophical reasons for being Republicans? Reasons that are grounded in, say, “The Federalist Papers” or a limited and constrained view of the Constitution? Nah, not so much.

In fact, I think their “originalist” view of the Constitution and its Amendments is more like the Kleenex view – to be crushed and crumpled in their “own” original thinking and discarded when their views and the many years of Supreme Court consideration of Constitutional law does not align.

Psst. Hey, GOP, it is the SUPREME Court – not the “it only works if it meets my objectives” court. Not the packed court. Not the “let’s block the Presidential right to appointment” court.

(My personal heartburn over Merrick Garland is that President Obama’s candidate did not get a hearing – if he were not confirmed after that, well, like it or not, that’s the process.)

And that’s my other point – we have systems, processes, and ways of doing things that have developed over the last 200+ years because they work. They bring order out of the chaos of competing ideas into something w-o-r-k-a-b-l-e that we cooperatively agree to live together with – in society – as a nation.

With the Presidency of Donald Trump, Republicans have thrown process out the window. They have chosen fakery over truth. They will hand Trump a Memorandum of Understanding with China on trade but call it by anything other than its name to convince Trump it contains what he desires.

Because the Emporer needs desperately to be told he is clothed, when everyone can plainly see he is not.

In their rush to gain the political upper hand, I fear Democrats will make the same mistake (substituting radicalized voters and a presumption there is a supply of unlimited small donor voters for Trump’s Emporer.)

Please, for 2020, can we call things by their true names? And not trample the Constitution? As originally written and later interpreted by those with the legal brilliance to do so, without partisanship? And focus on what is w-o-r-k-a-b-l-e for as many people in this country as possible? To their benefit of the entirety of the SOCIAL community that makes up these United States?

And please, can we have quotes from leaders who have not suppressed their peoples in furtherance of any political ideology, right or left? Much less be allied with those who have? (Yes, Mussolini had concentration camps, Silvio Berlusconi.)

These seem like very small asks.

Now, please excuse. Nausea has set in. The 2020 type.

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