“Don’t Agonize; Organize…”

That was Rep Zoe Lofgren’s (D-CA) advice in the fallout of the tabulation controversy that was the Iowa Caucus result that overshadowed by days the announced winner.

(For posterity, it was Mayor Pete Buttigieg in delegate count and Bernie Sanders in the popular vote. But as history in the Age of Trump has taught us, it is ultimately delegates and how they translate into electors in the Electoral College that matter; just ask Hillary).

Until this election, I have always been a passive voter, even when I was aghast that the Republican Party I had voted for since Reagan not only made Donald J. Trump it’s nominee, but twisted and contorted itself to resemble Trump rather than he lead the party according to the principles and the Constitution it claims to respect.

I recognized the danger of Trump from the beginning; I viewed him as completely unqualified by experience, temperament and character to be President. I wasn’t wrong, but I didn’t go far enough in my concern. Other than to vote for Clinton, I didn’t get off the couch, connect with an organized group and do everything I could to stop Trump from becoming President.

Yes, we are in the midst of a climate crisis that should have alarm bells ringing higher than the Dow climbs for billionaire tax breaks and corporate de-regulation. Yes, college grads are drowning in debt to qualify for entry level jobs that don’t allow them to live as comfortably as those who came before them. Yes, we need to remodel our educational, healthcare and infrastructure systems.

But as critical as all that is, it is not the most immediate threat we face: Trump is. If we do not vote in large enough numbers to grant us the greater number of Electoral College votes, we may not have time in future to correct all the current challenges that could overwhelm us and the world in which we live.

If you don’t get off the couch to do anything else, please go vote on Election Day for whomever the Democratic nominee may be.

As for me, I will be busy helping to organize that voter turnout in November by joining with local groups here in GA and hopefully for the eventual nominee.

At 66, I am lacing up my sneakers and getting politically active for the first time in my life.

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