The Black Hole Named Trump

How do we live in community when so many people these days want to live in a world without compromise?

What’s going to be the animating force that unites us?

For Democratic, Democratic-leaning Independents and Never-Trumpers, I naively thought it was voting Trump out of office. But I may be wrong.

My Twitter feed has turned into a battleground recently where if you don’t subscribe to someone else’s complete ideological framework, you are suddenly no longer a member of the coalition. You have become an enemy…even if you are in agreement 99.9% of the time otherwise.

I am currently supporting Joe Biden after having first supported Beto O’Rourke. If Beto were still running, I would still be supporting him. I switched to Biden after Beto dropped out and after Donald Trump’s reckless strike against Iran by killing Soleimani. That this action didn’t get us into war with Iran throughout the Mid-East has more to do with Iran’s restraint than it does Trump’s.

Of all the candidates, I felt Biden could most quickly restore domestic government norms and get us more quickly back into vital international relationships that Trump has damaged or outright destroyed. I still feel this way.

But I am still required to consider the positives and negatives of all the other candidates if Biden isn’t ultimately the nominee. This includes Mike Bloomberg, given how he is currently polling. It includes Bernie Sanders, because he currently holds the lead in the popular vote. It includes Pete Buttigieg because he has the most delegates. It includes Amy Klobuchar, who is currently surging after New Hampshire. It includes Elizabeth Warren, who still has a significant campaign.

Do I have concerns about some of these candidates? Of course I do. I don’t particularly like the idea that the only way to beat Trump is by another billionaire self-funding his race. There are remarks Bloomberg has made about black youth during “stop and frisk,” his comments about “redlining” and now an article about comments he has made about women within his tech organization. I find all these highly dissatisfactory.

I have concerns about Sanders. I had them in 2016. I see no way of getting to his dream of government without becoming a different type of autocracy that isn’t much better than Trump’s in that it is antithetical to the idea of a democratic Republic on which we are Constitutionally based.

Warren seems desperate right now instead of confident and steady. Klobuchar is full of campaign statements about electability, but not a vision. Buttigieg has a Black voter and experience problem.

Even my currently preferred candidate – Biden – I question on his age and ability to handle Presidential rigors. I am just counting on him being smart enough to put highly energetic, get it done people around him. And self-limit himself to one term, though I don’t expect that announcement just now.

This is what I do know: Trump is evil. He is devoid of moral character. He is devoid of empathy and compassion. He is completely and clinically narcissistic, whether your idea of that is Lucifer defying God because he thought he was better than a Man-God who would bring salvation, or the myth of Narcissus, who fell so in love with his own image he became incapable of loving anyone but himself.

Trump is the darkness of an all-consuming black hole. Those of us who see that must be the light.

Turning on each other diminishes that light.

In the end, it will take not turning on each other, record voter turnout and “voting blue no matter who” to oust Trump and his GOP enablers.

Even if some of us would rather have a more ideologically pure nominee.

Even if we have to hold our nose while we vote. 

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