The Lies of COVID

The lies of the world have not changed

Midst the violence of the virus, 

The pandemic that could end us

The one that does so tire us, 

In so many different ways

Through all the deaths and losses.

The lying cries of liberationists

Who think they are free to choose

How the rest of us should die:

“I will breathe and spit on you

As I desire,

While I cling in fear to my gun.”

As if they could shoot the virus down

With a bullet, not a vaccine or a drug.

“I will open my store, lie it is safe and lure you

To fill my wallet:

My breath I’ll blow upon you

As I snip, or file, or tattoo your wounds away.

Your money will take away my longing

For treasure, possession and place.”

As if the virus were an inconvenient fact,

And not an incontrovertible truth.

“I, POTUS, will lie to you that the U.S. is best

At testing, PPE and PPP:

That those jobs lost to you by immigrants

Will come back greater than before; the stock

market even more!” 

When those jobs were long past gone

To innovation, cheaper resource, just in time to store.

“But please, vote for me once more.”

Illusions, all, in the face of nature

We noisily shut out with

Our cars, trains and planes;

With our desire to go farther, faster

While the world goes up in flames

We create.

The Amazon will be no more.

We believe we will tame the virus,

Until the next one comes along

And scientists recalculate

How to make us strong,

As fewer of us go on.

Reaching always outward

Never deep within,

To weigh the sins that plague us:

They also the viruses that mutate us

Until our self is them.

Dear God do not deplore us

For failing to sing Adoremus te Deus

And kneeling before thee

As Christus Redemptoris:

Hail Mary and Amen.

Photo by Edward Jenner on


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