“…Put My Tears In Your Bottle…”

“Are they not in Your book?”
Psalms 56:9

Every day I think maybe it will be better than yesterday.

It is a very hopeful attitude considering we will soon hit 100,000 U.S. residents dead in not quite 3 months.  That is 3% of the nearly 1.7 million U.S. infected, which itself is 30% of the infections world-wide.

Our total deaths are 30% of deaths of ALL countries. Almost 1/3.  Including countries that are considered Third World on every metric.

And for those saying “well annually we lose this many from flu, accidents, etc.,“ isn’t the better question, “Why are we still losing so many people in these other, more easily preventable areas as well?”

One number really does not make the other more acceptable. That is public relations “magic” to make something unpalatable appear as if it is of little importance in the larger scheme of things.

I know.  I used statistical information to make favorable points as a media rep for PG&E in the 1980s about the dangers of nuclear power versus flying. I know the tricks of the trade.

So if our death rate is also currently 30% that of the rest of the world’s, clearly we have not done as good a job of stopping this virus as Donald Trump would wish the “base” to think.  Or even having the necessary federal coordination to help effectively test, trace and treat it.

You want a test?  You still can’t get one.  Even then, it is only good for as long as you test negative.

Yet people were out at pools and other entertainment venues this weekend as if their lives depended on it, when in fact the opposite was true.

Of course, perhaps life could be worse.  You could be a Black man lying on the pavement as a police officer’s knee on your neck chokes the life out of you for the world to view.  I viewed it.  The entire video.  And I saw a murder happen before my eyes from those whose mission is to “protect and serve.”

To protect whom and serve them how?

Even the easy things to do don’t seem easy anymore. 

How hard is it really for Jack Dorsey to take Trump’s conspiracy theory about the death of Lori Klausutus off Twitter?

Not very.  He is the CEO.  He has a right to do so.  He has the moral obligation to do so.  But morality is evidently not Dorsey’s imperative, despite pleas from the widower to take down the tweet.

I originally joined Twitter for fun and met a couple of women with whom I looked forward to live tweeting about Thursday night’s airing of a new “Scandal” episode, not to be a political warrior against Trump, the GOP or on behalf of other social issues.

But when Trump became the Republican nominee, I couldn’t look away.  I had been a GOP voter from Reagan through Romney.  Trump did not even begin to represent the values for which I thought I had been voting: country, family, the moral fabric of our lives.

I had to speak out.  Because of Trump.  Because of the way he has made me re-evaluate the party I once supported. Re-evaluate myself, my faith.  And Twitter became the platform for my voice.

God knows I don’t want to keep doing this.  I am so physically, mentally, emotionally tired of doing this.

I have lived the better part of my life.  The rest was supposed to be peaceful, full of family and friends and the little joys.

But until we vote in November 2020, I have committed myself to continue being a Twitter warrior as part of the #Resistance.

After that, whether Trump wins or loses, I will be done with social media except for my blog.

Which was never, ever meant to write about Trump at all.

selective focus photo of bottle with cork lid
Photo by Mareefe on Pexels.com

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