We Were All Witnesses

As what is probably the final day of the second Impeachment trial of Donald J Trump gets underway, there has been speculation about whether or not Democratic House Impeachment managers will call witnesses to establish what Trump knew and when.

It seems fruitless, as Republicans have already widely signaled they will vote to acquit Trump a second time.

Never in our modern history has a Presidency been so rife with controversy as has Trump’s. Hopefully we will never see such a one again.

But that the GOP so blindly continues to allow him to wriggle off the hook for the harms he has done this nation still boggles the mind.

We don’t need to have witnesses to the event. We watched it all unfold in real time on our TV sets. We have seen videos of what happened from angles not immediately available at the time. We have heard tapes and read written accounts of the day’s events.

We know what happened that day. Trump riled up a violent mob and TOLD them to go to the Capitol to stop the counting of Electoral College votes that had been certified by all 50 state governors, Republican and Democrat alike.

But Donald Trump was unwilling to peacefully accept the results of that election. He promoted the Big Lie for two months that the election was stolen from him when in fact he lost by 7 million votes.

And he knew there were armed white supremacist groups among the crowd. He knew they were armed and dangerous. And he sent them to the Capitol to “stop the steal.” They did so at his direction and armed with another lie – he would go with them.

We all know who and what Donald Trump is. We all know what he has done. So do Republicans.

They just don’t care.

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